CAMP NJ July Power Hour with Zamir Hassan

Date: Jul 21, 2011 18:30:00 to 20:00
Location: What's the Scoop, 410 Main St, Metuchen, NJ
Ticket Cost: FREE!

Event Details

CAMP NJ's next Power Hour will feature Zamir Hassan, former IT guru and longstanding community activist. As the founder of the Muslims Against Hunger Project (MAHP), Zamir has now set up more than 20 soup kitchen partnerships in 9 states, including Toronto, Canada and Morne-a-Brule, Haiti. MAHP has also launched a project to create a network of social service community service centers sponsored and managed by Muslims. Come hear Zamir speak about how he got involved in these initiatives and how his professional skills play an important role in the realm of community service.


------------------------ Zamir Hassan's Bio ------------------

Zamir Hassan is a community activist, resident of Bedminster, New Jersey, and an IT and Telecom consultant by trade. He grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, before comin to study at Cornell University in 1973.  He founded a grass root movement called the “Muslims Against Hunger Project” (MAHP), after he was introduced to a Soup Kitchen in year 2000 on a school trip with his son, in one of America's wealthiest communities. More than 70% of the people coming to that Soup Kitchen were what can be classified as the working poor. The reality of these working poor in the wealthiest nation on the planet was an awakening for Zamir. He was soon committed to exposing others to the struggles he saw and launched MAHP to create a nationwide network of volunteer communities to help the hungry and homeless in our backyard.

Zamir has now set up 20+ soup kitchen partnerships in 9 states including Toronto, Canada and Morne-a-Brule, Haiti, to help the hungry and homeless and the most disadvantaged members of our society. MAHP has also launched a project to create a network of Social Service Community Centers sponsored and managed by Muslims. The network's mission is to provide wrap around social services needed by poor, homeless, and needy, all under one roof. The Social Services Community Centers will implement a vast array of programs that would provide all the basic human needs vital to day-to-day survival. The network’s underlying mission will be to provide the means and the path to self-sufficiency to “break the bonds of poverty.” It will provide opportunities and support essentials to reducing, and hopefully eliminating, reliance on public and private assistance. And, it will all be done in a manner that maintains the dignity and self-esteem of recipients.

Zamir Hassan is an active Muslim who coordinates to provide human services using volunteers across religious, political, and socioeconomic lines. In doing this, he fosters understanding and tolerance through his work. The social problems that he addresses are: hunger, homelessness, job counseling, religious and racial tolerance, volunteerism, and community education. Zamir's projects are not only helping the hungry and homeless, but are also helping bring diverse groups of individuals together to work for a common cause. In doing so, all participants learn from one another and grow in their tolerance, understanding and acceptance of different points of view.

Zamir's vision is to "create a larger network of poverty initiatives spearheaded by America's Muslim communities," similar to Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and YMCA. He expects to develop programs for women, children and seniors. He is expanding outreach within the Muslim community, and eloquently articulates the needs of the poor to both his community and the greater multi-ethnic-multi-faith community. Zamir’s leadership in Muslim community manifests as a mutually rewarding program for all involved and stands as a strong example of how faith becomes action when members of any faith respond to a common cause and the call to assist in helping provide for the basic needs of all human beings: food, shelter, and self-actualization.

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