CAMP LEADERSHIP SUMMIT Follow Up - Women as Transformational Leaders

Date: May 16, 2011 18:00:00 to 19:00
Location: Online
Ticket Cost: Free

Event Details

Henna Inam a panelist on the “Bossing Yourself – Run Your Career Like A Business” session at the CAMP Leadership Summit - will host a follow up session

Women as Transformational Leaders

Henna Inam left the C Suite after a 20 year career to follow her passion to coach women leaders to be successful, deeply engaged, fulfilled, and out of that create organizations that drive breakthroughs in innovation, engagement, growth and meaning in the world.

She will host a one hour session for women to help them understand how women can be transformational leaders. Her company - Transformational Leadership ( is built on the following premises:

  • Organizations want to learn how to powerfully engage all leaders, including women. Retention of women leaders is particularly challenging as they have unique motivators that drive engagement.
  • Women bring lots of strengths including commitment, collaboration & emotional intelligence that make them natural leaders in the new flatter, connected organizations that are emerging.
  • Diverse teams with both men & women leaders drive greater innovation. It is important for women to speak up in these teams.
  • Women entrepreneurs have a unique role to play in not just growing their businesses but creating role model organizations that better serve all stakeholders.

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