CAMP Chicago March Power Hour

Date: Mar 28, 2012 18:00:00 to 20:00
Location: Downtown Islamic Center, Chicago IL
Ticket Cost: $5

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Join us for CAMP's monthly Power Hour on Wednesday, March 28! CAMP Chicago monthly Power Hours are great networking opportunities driven towards enhancing your skills at networking along with enhancing your career goals.  

We've all heard that Professional Development requires knowledge, discipline and networking. But is that the entire truth? Or are we simply hoping to achieve success by treading the footprints left by others. On March 28, Mustafa Maqbool will demonstrate how a simple exercise of white boarding can uncover YOUR true potential, convert YOUR dreams, ambitions and interests into a simple set of quantifiable and achievable tasks.

Speaker: Mustafa Maqbool; Professional Development
Time: 6pm
Location: Downtown Islamic Center, Chicago, IL


Mustafa has been designing execution systems for listed and OTC derivatives, supply chain and manufacturing for over twelve years. These systems were implemented for firms such as ChevronTexaco, Lehman Brothers, Bunge Global Markets and currently Infinium Capital Management.

In his current role, Mustafa has saved millions of dollars by cost cutting, aggressive contract renegotiations, vendor management and optimizing resource utilization. He's designed systems that reduced the time to market for new trading strategies and tools for predicting market trends, analyze liquidity and risk profile. Mustafa works closely with Business Development and has launched several trading groups in the high frequency space. He's also traded FX and Information Arbitrage for one of the groups.

Mustafa holds an E-MBA General Management and Marketing from Kellogg School of Management, M-Eng. Systems Engineering from Cornell University and a BSC Electronic Engineering from GIK Institute. Mustafa is frequently invited to participate in panels on the importance of data in the financial sector. He's also published a paper on designing hybrid SUV which was awarded the R.N.Janeway award. Some of his research was recently published in a book authored by the Dean of Industrial Engineering at Cornell University. 

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