To facilitate and inspire the development of Muslim Professionals to become exemplary leaders committed to advancement through action.


CAMP is an association of mid- to senior-level Muslim professionals working to empower each other and the group to advance and excel, not only in their careers, but also their broader community and philanthropic efforts. CAMP promotes active engagement on platforms of professionalism, mutual respect and trust to encourage dynamic and proactive thought, action and interaction. CAMP’s overarching beliefs are: 1. Muslim professionals are making invaluable contributions to their respective industries 2. Muslim professionals want to make larger and more meaningful contributions to the broader Muslim community as well the community at large. Thus, CAMP’s primary goal is to promote holistic development of versatile quality-driven Muslim professionals while simultaneously strengthening their collective voice and vision.


CAMP will:

  • Provide access to a strong, dynamic and cohesive professional network
  • Provide opportunities for professional growth and leadership development
  • Educate, and encourage the active sharing of ideas, on issues and/or challenges of shared concern and interest
  • Showcase leading Muslim professionals and initiatives aligned with CAMP’s philosophy
  • Provide access to quality job and volunteer opportunities
  • Develop strategic partnerships with leading organizations who complement the CAMP’s philosophy
  • Offer opportunities to give back to the Muslim community as well as our broader community more meaningfully by leveraging members’ professional skills and technical expertise
  • Provide formal and informal opportunities for social development and recreation
  • Provide Muslim professionals space to share, debate and discuss without judgment
  • Educate the Muslim professional community on issues and policies of interest that lead to equal opportunity for Muslim professionals.