CAMP Washington D.C. Chapter -  (

Aliredha Walji - President, CAMP- Washington D.C.

Aliredha currently serves as the President of CAMP-Washington D.C.. He has attended various CAMP events since moving to the area from Minnesota in Fall 2014.

Aliredha is an Investment Advisor Representative at ShariaPortfolio, an Islamic investment advisory firm.  Prior to joining ShariaPortfolio, he worked for four years in the mortgage industry at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, while also volunteering as treasurer at his local mosque. Aliredha earned his Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Minnesota and his Masters of Business Administration from Crown College.

In his spare time, Aliredha enjoys volunteering and attending various mosque programs and networking events and is an advocate for Muslim unity. He also enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.

Seema Sahin- Vice President, CAMP- Washington D.C.

Seema is currently serving as the Vice President of CAMP DC. An American Muslim Designer and entrepreneur, Seema S. Sahin, established her brand MODERNMARY in 2008, a modest fashion line for woman. Born and raised in New York, she completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology after moving to the Washington DC area. A homeschooling mother of four and an active member of the Diyanet Center of America Women’s Committee, she continues to design and create from fashion to graphic design. Seema’s fashion designs have been featured in many runway shows including DC Fashion Week and in magazines such as Azizah Magazine, Emel & DC Luxury.

Umman Khawaja - Treasurer, CAMP- Washington D.C.

Umman is currently serving as the Treasurer of CAMP DC. He brings experience and perspective to the CAMP organization. He originally grew up in the Boston area and served on a professional organization before moving to Philadelphia. Umman has also served on the board for CAMP-Philly from 2007 to 2009 and then served at CAMP-Toronto (2009 to 2010).

Umman is an experienced engineer and consultant with a passion of entrepreneurship. He has over ten years of experience developing video products and applications for the cable and telecom industry. Umman currently works for Verizon Telecom, and prior to that he was consulting for Accenture and also worked for Motorola developing and testing new products and platforms.

Umman currently lives in VA with his family and enjoys tutoring and mentoring young professionals, and spending time outdoors by playing tennis, hiking and skiing.